Tom Tom Update Sat Nav | Update GPS and Map

tom tom update sat nav

In order to keep your sat nav up-to-date, you have to proceed Tom Tom Update Sat Nav on your MyDrive service. It would be best if you had MyDrive Connect on your computer. With the Tom Tom Update Sat Nav , you can check locations of multiple places, roads, and you can drive safely. The updates are continuously released from TomTom to keep each user updated by providing the latest information using GPS. For an update and check the activities on the device, you may need to enter the device’s serial number so that it could proceed Tom Tom Update Sat Nav easily. The satellite-based Global Positioning System (GPS) is updated from time to time and upgrade the navigation device calculation as well. 

Download and Install Tom Tom Update Sat Nav

Before you install Tom Tom Update Sat Nav on your computer device. Make sure that you are using Windows or Mac to download TomTom on your computer and connect it with MyDrive to hamper your journey. For complete installation, follow below;

  1. On the browser, go to TomTom official website and look for the MyDrive Connect on the product.
  2. Now get the MyDrive to connect, and after checking the system requirements, install further.
  3. One the completion of download and installation, sign up with TomTom Connect.
  4. Connect the TomTom device or MyDrive with your computer.
  5. The app will now open on your computer.
  6. In case if the Tom Tom Update Sat Nav will be available, it will appear on the screen, and you will need to install these updates.
  7. Wait for the complete update, and on the completion, disconnect the Mydrive device, close the window. 


Install Tom Tom Update Sat Nav
Install Tom Tom Update Sat Nav


Tom Tom Update Sat Nav – Install Map Updates

The latest 1040 version of Tom Tom Update Sat Nav can be installed on a computer using the below steps. 

  1. Connect map or GPS or another navigation device to your computer.
  2. Start the Mydrive connect and log in with the TomTom account.
  3. Once the device gets connected, Mydrive connect will check for updates. 
  4. Therefore, click on either My content or View updates.
  5. You can now check the update list and can download the Tom Tom Update Sat Nav by ticking on checkboxes.
  6. Click on Update Selected. On the download completion of Tom Tom Update Sat Nav process, you can transfer it to your navigation device.
  7. Don’t disconnect the device, change the content of My Maps or My content if you want to change.

Tom Tom Update Sat Nav – Explore latest Sat Nav

Tom Tom Update Sat Nav is available for multiple vehicles. The most knows and popular sat nav are for car, motorcycle, camera navigation, large vehicle, and maps. Below Tom Tom Update Sat Nav for the vehicle are shows;

Car Sat Nav: With the Tom Tom Update Sat Nav for the car is available at no extra cost. You can reach your destination with safer roads and routes. Sat Nav shows the latest changes on route and time saver ways to reach your goal.

Motorcycle Sat Nav: It helps bike riders to find their personalised journey on their own. With the Tom Tom Update Sat Nav for motorcycle, the world map, live traffic, and other alerts using GPS. The screen is smart, as anyone can easily get to know each location and route.

Camper Sat Nav: One can enjoy the drive by a guided driver on the Camper. The Tom Tom Update Sat Nav for Camper has some features like Go Camper which leads you towards adventures, ultimate roads as well as safer routes. One can discover ways with Camper, caravan, and motorhome sat nav.   

Large Vehicle Sat Nav: It includes Tom Tom Update Sat Nav for Truck, HGV, Lorry, Nav, Van, and Buses. Here the maps and navigation devices react according to the weight and size of the vehicles. It helps in efficient driving over roads and routes. One can smoothly update the large vehicle sat nav using Wi-Fi.

Maps and Services: The Tom Tom Update Sat Nav commonly provide map updates where it shows latest routes, and location to the user through the map. The services of TomTom include Maps, Speed Cameras, LIVE Services, Voices, and traffic features. The other accessories are also available to guide users.