TomTom offers multiple UK products for different users which are available at webpage. Install TomTom using MyDrive on your devices, either windows or Mac. The installation requires a good internet connection so that one can download TomTom from within less time. One may need to create the TomTom login account; it helps in multiple activates such as downloading, activating, updating and many others.

Here on webpage, Navigation, Sports, Maps & Services products, Mobile Apps, updates, support and business services are available. 

Get Started With TomTom UK –

Here are a few easiest steps that allow the user to get started with TomTom UK on your computer.

Step 1 – Go to 

Step 2 – Choose your product and download it.

Step 3 – Connect the device and activate TomTom services.

TomTom Services list at –

Reaching site, one can choose UK products from a given list. Here you will need to select the vehicle; then you can select the version of the product.

  • TomTom GO 
  • Motorcycle 
  • Camper & Caravan 
  • TomTom Via 
  • Truck 
  • Scooter 
  • TomTom Start
  • TomTom XL / XXL

How to sign in to TomTom account MyDrive?

The process of Sign in to TomTom account can be quickly completed at webpage. The login page provides account sign in and account creation option where one can download the TomTom Mydrive smoothly. Follow below process of creating and signing in to account;

To create a new account –

  1. Open webpage. 
  2. Look for the on the Login button on the right top of the page, click on the button.
  3. Click on the Create Account tab.
  4. Fill the details and review the terms and conditions.
  5. Tap on Create Account, and your account is successfully created.

Account Login –

  1. Open on your web browser.
  2. Look for the on the Login button on the right top of the page, click on it.
  3. Enter the email and password.
  4. Tick on the keeps me logged in the box if you don’t want to sign out again.
  5. Tap on Login button.

Best of TomTom Business services –

For TomTom UK users’ multiple services and products are available at which are shown below;

  1. Traffic and Live Services 
  2. Mapping Technology 
  3. Automotive Industry services 
  4. Fleet & Logistic services 
  5. APIs and SDKs 
  6. Location & Intelligence services 

How do I install the TomTom Home on my computer?

TomTom home offers Navigation devices and Car products. Follow below process to install TomTom Home on your windows as well as Mac device;

For Windows – 

  1. Open the on your device browser.
  2. Type the product name or choose from the given list.
  3. Click on the download button and tap SAVE FILE.
  4. Double-tap on TomTomHOME2win.exe file that you downloaded from site.
  5. Choose language and click OK then NEXT.
  6. Accept the licence agreement and click NEXT.
  7. If you want to change the installation location, then click on Change and select location.
  8. Hit on the Install button and complete the installation.
  9. Then click Finish.

TomTom Home for Mac – 

  1. Go to on your Mac browser.
  2. Choose the product from the current page.
  3. Click on “Download for Mac” button and start downloading from the page.
  4. In the dock, click on the Finder icon.
  5. On the Finder menu, click on GO button which is on the top of the screen. 
  6. Then choose downloads and double-tap on TomTomHOME2mac.dmg/TomTomHOME2maclatest.dmg and then TomTomHOME.mpkg/MacLatest.pkg which you get from site.
  7. When the TomTom HOME installer opens and clicks on Continue.
  8. Read the EULA and click on CONTINUE and AGREE then INSTALL.
  9. Enter admin details and click on INSTALL SOFTWARE and wait for installation.

Activate TomTom Live Services – 

For new users who have installed the TomTom software from on their devices and has connected it to MyDrive, then you can follow the below process to activate the services;

  1. Switch on ignition of your vehicle.
  2. Turn on the TomTom LIVE device connected to your vehicle.
  3. From the Main Menu, open Activate LIVE.
  4. It will ask some questions, click YES on each.

If you have purchased the TomTom services subscription, then it will automatically activate the services. Otherwise, one can visit and activate the device TomTom services by entering the 15-digit code.