TomTom Update using TomTom MyDrive Connect

At TomTom registering your device means linking it to your TomTom account, once you’ve done that you’re good to go. To see how to link your device to your account and instructions for first time use, click on the get started button below.

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TomTom Update | MyDrive Connect

tomtom update
tomtom update

Complete the action of TomTom Update using TomTom MyDrive Connect. TomTom is a location technology specialist who uses unique technologies to navigate people to their destination with the help of GPS MAP. The continuous TomTom update is available for latest advancement so that user can get safer driver over any of place.

How do you update a TomTom?

TomTom Update is easy to proceed if your computer is fully compatible with TomTom software. you should also have the navigation device which you use while driving or reaching one place to another. Here, follow below steps for TomTom Update and make your device perfect for your drive;

  1. Open your navigation device.
  2. Connect it to your computer.
  3. Switch on the device and wait for connecting the navigation device.
  4. In case the MyDrive Connect has not opened yet, then follow the next step.
  5. Click on the MyDrive Connect icon on your computer screen.
  6. Again, click on MyDrive Connect and login with the TomTom account.
  7. You can click on “Remember my email address” to not enter the email next time.
  8. Click on the “Update Selected” tab.
  9. MyDrive will show the latest of TomTom Update that you need to Accept.
  10. To continue the process, click on the “Accept and Install” tab.
  11. If its not showing any TomTom Update notification, It means your device is updated.
  12. Now, disconnect the navigation device, and you can skip further steps.

Install TomTom Update Using My Drive Connect

mydrive connect
mydrive connect
  • You can launch the TomTom application on your device from the official webpage.
  • Connect the My drive to the computer. 
  • On the installation, MyDrive Connect will show you the option: download to the computer.
  • Completed the installation on the navigation device.
  • Check the message on MyDrive connect screen- YOU’RE READY TO GO!
  • Tap on My Content tab so that you could go back to the MY CONTENT page.
  • You can now disconnect your navigation device.

Status Icon You Can Check For TomTom Update In Mydrive Connect

  •   An update is available for your device.
  •   The download and installation are in progress.
  • Sure that you keep your navigation device connected to your computer.
  • Updates await installation. 
  • and reconnect your device to continue the updates.

TomTom Update Login or Signup

The online login or signup for multiple actions such as TomTom update or TomTom download can be done. Here the steps to sign in and sign up for the TomTom account.

For new users;

  • Go to the official Tomtom login page for your product.
  • Go to create an Account option and enter the details.
  • For TomTom update , tick on the checkbox.
  • Now, read the terms and tap on Create Account tab.
  • Verify the account from your registered email account.
  • Now, it is time to login to your Tomtom account.

For existing users; 

  1. On your web browser, the open official website of TomTom.
  2. On the right corner of the display, look for the login option and click on it.
  3. Here, enter the email, password, and login with an account.

Benefits of TomTom update Device

TomTom update interacts with new and advanced GPS features for your safer and smooth drive using MyDrive device. Here we enlisted benefits that are shown below;

  • Regular map updates are available to keep you up-to-date about destination routes, ways, places, and many more.
  • It allows the user to reach on the top of route changes and show the easiest paths.
  • The current and new location information is available.
  • The latest navigation data for the track, travelling and more is availed.
  • The TomTom update version 1040 is the latest one that the user can get quickly.


TomTom Products and Services

TomTom provides multiple products as per user needs that one can proceed TomTom update for each product further. Below, we have enlisted the TomTom products;


For Navigation –

Motorcycle – Road Trip Intelligent GPS Devices. 

Car – Smart Navigation Devices are available.

Large Vehicles – Specialised Truck GPS according to type, size, weight, and more to get customised routes. 

In-dash Navigation – Navigation devices that can easily guide you by attaching the product on the vehicle dash.

Accessories – Operating accessories for the devices at one place.


Sports –

Fir sports TomTom products are Fitness Watches, Fitness Trackers, Multisport Watches, Golf Watches, and sport Accessories.


Maps & Services –

For Map services, you can reach to Map Shop and can get maps. The safety cameras are also available for monitoring the speed and alerts. The Voice navigation, TomTom Road Trips, and Traffic services are present to give the user correct nearby information.


Other –

For computer devices and mobile devices, sports app and TomTom Adventures services are available for advancement. 

Better experience and safe drive is now in your control with TomTom!


Update Software using TomTom Home

Before you start the process of updation, make sure you use the latest version of TomTom Home and it is compatible with your system.

tomtom home
tomtom home

Steps 1. Install TomTom Update

  1. Make sure that your system is compatible with TomTom Home.
  2. After that, search and select the TomTom Home application from the official website.
  3. To start the downloading process, click on the Download button.
  4. To allow the permission, click Yes.
  5. Then, click Run or SaveFile to the file on your device.
  6. Wait to finish the downloading and then open the downloads folder.
  7. Furthermore, select your downloaded file and then double-click to run the setup.
  8.  Now click continue, then tick the checkbox to accept the terms and conditions.
  9. Click on the Agree button and then follow the instruction.
  10. Click close to exit out the activation window.
  11. You can launch the application and then start managing your TomTom device.

Step 2. Sign In to Install TomTom Update

In order to download and install TomTom update, follow the instructions given below:-

  1. To save data, take the backup of your TomTom device.
  2. You have to connect your device to your system using a USB cable.
  3. Inside the box of your device, you can find the USB cable.
  4. And in case if you do not get one along with your product, you can use some other USB cable.
  5. When your device is connected with your system, you need to turn on your device.
  6. Now, Wait for the application to start.
  7. Then, start your application manually by double-clicking on the icon.
  8. After that, you have to wait to finish the updates checking process.
  9. If your process do not start automatically then, you can click on the update My Device to check for updates.
  10.  You can also install the device which you have downloaded previously by using the TomTom Home.
  11. You have to select the device from the list in order to download updates.
  12. Furthermore, click on the Download Updates and then wait to finish the process.
  13. Now, you need to follow the instructions to complete the download and install for TomTom updates.
  14. Click on Done and then disconnect the process by selecting the Disconnect Device option under the Device tab in menu.

Activate Your TomTom Maps

You have to gain the access to new maps on your TomTom navigation device. You must activate the maps using a series of unique codes. It is a process put in place to help reduce the pirating of TomTom software. You can begin using the maps on your TomTom device, after you enter the correct activation code.

Step 1. You can connect your TomTom GPS to a computer using the USB cord which came with your device. If the GPS unit asks to connect with your computer, answer “Yes”. 

Step 2. Open your TomTom device doesn’t open automatically. Go to TomTom official website and download it to your computer.

Step 3. Furthermore, wait for TomTom device to recognize your application. And from the main menu, choose “Update My Device”.

Step 4. At the bottom of the TomTom application screen, check the box next to each update you want to get. After That click, “Update and Install”.

Step 5 . From the TomTom device main menu you can buy a new map by choosing “Add Maps”. And clicking “buy” next to the map you want to download. After that enter your method of payment, then choose either “Install Now” or “Install Later” at the bottom of your TomTom device.

TomTom Map is now updated successfully on your TomTom device. You can update your TomTom Device from two different ways, one is from TomTom Home and another is MyDrive Connect. TomTom update can be installed with easy steps.